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This blog allows you to see how we use our natural products daily to live a happy, healthy life. We incorporate essential oils and natural products in our Rustic lifestyle and we will be sharing all types of experiences; including our travels, our discoveries, our home schooling life, and our pursuit to be ourselves – not who or what society ‘thinks’ we should be.
Date Night Folks ask a lot of questions when they learn of our travels. One of them being “When do you and your husband have ‘alone’ time?” The honest answer is …every chance we get but usually when our wonderful friends and family offer to care for our lovely daughter! ( HINT!!!) Seriously, we enjoy our daughter and include her in most things but we cherish our time as well! So, last month (yes, that was our last alone time), we stumbled upon a book signing at West Hollywood’s Book Soup. (must look this place up after reading this !) Nestled on Sunset Blvd between random nightclubs and fancy restaurants, it’s hippy, vintage windows caught our attention. This, ladies & gentlemen, would be where we would spend our Date Night… sifting through books and smelling old leather from corner chairs Sharing Date Night With our RFL cold brew coffee in hand, we caught the tail end of a reading from K.B. Hill’s Witchyman. I admit I had heard of the book, but had not picked up a copy till this night. We waited patiently in line to meet the brilliant author who to our surprise wrote the sweetest note on our personalized copy. The Scoop Now, this book is Rated R for sure. It is not at all a children’s book. And, it is not for the faint of hearts or weak stomachs. But it is for those who enjoy true tales of Bogey men haunting famous cities and countries overlooking simpletons who cause harm. It is for those who like to see women standing up for themselves and men protecting their families. It is a thrilling ride across intermingling lives from different socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures. It praises love of many kinds and encourages people to live without fear. Will it spook you? YES! Will it make you grimace? YES! Will it make you say “Oh , my, goodness!”? YES! Will it make you cry? Possibly! I did. Will it cause you to stay up all night with the covers around your ears to keep reading? ABSOLUTELY! Will you beg for a sequel? I will! READ More Books...It's Good for The Soul! This October, take a break from the ‘normal’ scary movies and Bogey man stories. Our children should see us reading more, don't you think!? So, dive into Witchyman. It’s psychological twists will NOT let you down! It is a perfect read this Halloween Season! EVENTS
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