You are just as important as your car! As we live our lives and encounter daily external toxins or eat not-so-good-for-us foods, our body has to work harder. And, it cannot always keep up with the demand of eliminating all the waste it makes…. And, remember, toxins can also include an occasional glass of wine, poor stress management, fast food stops, and anxiety induced behaviors. Many organs of the body have powerful detoxification functions, particularly the liver, kidneys, and colon. Supporting these organs is important for maintaining optimal detoxification function and keeping the body clear of toxins. Not sure if you should cleanse? Well, do you change the oil in your car? I thought so… why should you treat a machine better than you treat your body? Reasons to Cleanse
Here are just a few reasons a person should tune up their system! • accelerates the detox process • helps to rid the body of parasites • flushes out the body’s organs: kidneys, gallbladder, bowels, liver and skin • cleanses the GI tract • removes excess candida • repopulates the intestines with beneficial flora • improves digestion • ensures proper excretion pathways are clear • assists to support immune function Take Control Begin eliminating external toxins BEFORE you cleanse. Make the decision to TAKE CONTROL of your body. Again, treat yourself better than you treat your car, that leather purse, that laptop you are reading on right now. Read labels and understand ingredients. Remember, your skin is your biggest organ and absorbs EVERYTHING! How? OK, so I have you convinced you should cleanse and detox but now you are asking ‘How ‘? There are many plans available and as a clinician, a mom, and a Type A personality researcher, I will only suggest a few on the market. For more information, feel free to contact me directly. No matter what plan you choose, please remember to check with your health care provider to ensure its safety. This blog allows you to see how we use our natural products daily to live a happy, healthy life. We incorporate essential oils and natural products in our Rustic lifestyle and we will be sharing all types of experiences; including our travels, our discoveries, our home schooling life, and our pursuit to be ourselves – not who or what society ‘thinks’ we should be. Not the Blog you were expecting? Try our Archive
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