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September 18, 2015
 I Choose Happiness... Guest Blogger : Tyler Brooks
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This blog allows you to see how we use our natural products daily to live a happy, healthy life. We incorporate essential oils and natural products in our Rustic lifestyle and we will be sharing all types of experiences; including our travels, our discoveries, our home schooling life, and our pursuit to be ourselves – not who or what society ‘thinks’ we should be. We hope you visit again!
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 My Statistics June 1st, 2013: 248 lbs, unhappy, over medicated for unnecessary things, "mental illness", labeled, out casted, poor diet, 19 percent body fat, and no energy to exercise... August 19th, 2015: 148 lbs, HAPPY, no medications, no labels, I found my people, in love really for the first time and I love it, 100 percent Vegan, 4 percent body fat, PLENTY of energy to exercise and live freely. A Learning Process Some things I learned from losing 100lbs... 1. Body transformation CANNOT happen before mental/spiritual transformation. 2. Body transformation is one of about 10 key ingredients to your life. Being fit is a lifestyle change. 3. It's work to maintain your progress, but it's easier to make changes once you've been practicing different living for over 2 years. 4. Hydration is the number one most important building block to changing your body. 1 gallon of 9.5 ph alkaline water every day will naturally tune your body to desiring more nutritious options naturally. ....for real, drink LOTS of water. And NEVER drink tap water. Lemon is a natural alkaline ingredient to put in your water. 5. No set diet fits every person, eat what you're a match to, not what trends say you should eat. 6. Outside opinions and views of you mean nothing; how you view yourself is most important. 7. Dis-order cannot be present if you're in-order. 8. Having a "perfect body" is not going to happen, having a body you're proud of and happy to live inside is totally achievable. 9. SMALL, ACHIEVABLE, GOALS EACH DAY LEADS TO LASTING SUCCESS. 10. Changing your frequency through meditation is vital. Your vibrational matches in your experience as a human being will only resonate with how you feel. If you feel good, you will manifest good. If you feel insecure, your body will be a match to weight as a shield from feeling emotion. Obesity, weight fluctuation, eating disorders, are ALL self-learned protective mechanisms that are, in fact, putting you more in resistance to having those things you want. 11. Love yourself; because you will not get love from outside sources if you don't feel loved by you first. Stay well, stay healthy, and choose to live in abundance. We are the architects of our reality. I choose happiness, and the rest, well, really does just fall into place. Changing your thoughts automatically puts you on a path of changing your life. Sincerely,
Tyler  My name is Tyler, I'm 21 years old, and I have a passion for uncovering the light in such a dark collective reality. I am inspired by life, and am on a quest to create and spread light, and love for all. With my story, and my perspective, I truly believe that there is a limitless abundance for human beings as a race. We are in charge of where we take our future. I feel that I am here to help change the world, and invoke change that is for the enlightenment of all human consciousness. My passion? People, love, holistic living, sustainable sourcing, and a new age of limitless possibilities. Together, I feel we as an equal species, can uncover an endless source of possibilities for positive world change for years, and generations to come. Thank you for reading and watch for more!
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