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Need a support system while making positive changes? Let us know how we can help you decrease your toxic load or support your body to be its best! What is Toxic Load? In general, “Toxic load” is any accumulation of pollutants that clogs or weighs down the mind, body, or spirit. It can affect your soul from the deepest roots and become more visible through struggles arising from the body. That being said, how do you know what toxins you encounter on a daily basis? Do you shake hands at business meetings? Do you partake in church pot lucks? Do you block a child’s cough with your own hand? Do you have stressors daily with multiple deadlines? Do you have a chronic ailment you struggle to conquer? Have you suffered a loss of a loved one within the past 1-5 years? Are you a caregiver of a loved one who requires continuous care? Do you use artificial sweeteners? Do you use hygiene products with harsh or unnatural ingredients? Do you consume processed food or beverages? Do you drink more than 1-4 alcoholic beverages a week? Do you sit in traffic more than 1 hour daily exposing yourself to automobile exhaust?
Do you smoke cigarettes or attend functions where second hand smoke is within 100ft? Do you clean your home with harsh solvents?
Do you store left over food in low grade plastic containers? Do you spray your home or yard with intense pesticide?
Do you regularly consume tap water (without understanding your local water quality report)? Chances are you answered yes to at least 2-5 of the above questions. All scenarios can expose you to a toxin that will eventually cause an overload to occur. And when an overload occurs, your mind, body, and spirit are forced to compensate. Compensation can get you by for a while but optimally, the best solution is to decrease the toxins in your daily life. Reality Of course, some toxins we are exposed to are out of our control. Some situations we are forced to deal with cannot be delayed or avoided. We cannot control : the emissions of other vehicles
what minerals are added to tap water
a loved one’s need for help
the hygiene routines and habits of others So what do we do? Look in the mirror, see your soul… Day to day routines really do mean a lot when you are trying to decrease toxic load. Self-reflection is needed to understand our own habits and desires. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what matters. Some of us are driven by fear or consequence while others of us are driven by rewards. Do you reward yourself daily for simply existing? Or do you with hold making a positive change (ex: daily mediation) due to fears of the unknown? Neither of these will end positively. Start with how you think of toxins and pollutants. If your mind is okay with the consumption of substances that have been researched and shown to lead to disease, then your body will allow you to consume them. If your spirit is saddened by a situation in your life, your mind will have trouble overcoming the issue. If drinking alcohol serves as a way to relax your mind, your body will expect it (possibly leading to a habitual dependence). Eliminating toxicity starts with your mind and spirit… YOUR SOUL. Getting your mind and spirit peace through mediation, exercise, positive thought, journaling, self-reflection, etc is key. What’s important? Ask yourself what is important in life… for us, exposing our daughter to harsh chemicals and processed foods is the LAST thing we want. So we choose to not do it. We also did not want to use certain harmful chemicals and materials in our home so we eliminated them. YES, it really is THAT simple. Once you get your mind and spirit settled, physically doing this is a walk in the park. We simply do not purchase these items, we do not drive more than needed, we do not drink alcohol excessively or knowingly expose ourselves to long periods of known pollutants. Take Control We read labels on our shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, perfumes, laundry detergent and we eliminated the unnatural products from our daily hygiene routines. We researched the food we consumed and adapted our diets according to needs discussed with our naturopath. We wash our hands and provide immune support for those gatherings with many people. We utilize natural supplements, herbs, and essential oils to assist in supporting our bodies to be optimal. We carpool when we can. We do not use items like tanning beds or choose to live near high pollutant industrial companies. We meditate and share our thoughts with our higher being. We share thoughts with each other more. We respect each other's space and needs. We pray more and worry less. In a nut shell, we TAKE CONTROL of our daily lives to maintain a low exposure to toxins. Decreasing toxins is the first step to cleaning up your life. (Pun intended.)
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