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click to contact us today! In our last blog, we discussed how important our metabolism is. We focused on things like, energy, nutrition, exercise, and the ability to excrete toxins. But, the metabolism is much more complex than just those items. The ever popular Google defines metabolism as the following: me·tab·o·lism (noun): the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life In metabolism, some substances are broken down to yield energy for vital processes, while other substances that are necessary for life are produced. So, with this definition, we could also say that whenever our spirit begins to evolve or process the chemicals in our system, there is a different type of metabolism that occurs. Our spirit – just like our kidneys and liver – must process the toxins and all things it encounters in order to maintain our spiritual life. This is what I refer to as one's Spiritual Metabolism. When we possess the physical ability to appropriately metabolize food, we not only properly supply our brains and vital organs but we also support our heart, soul, and spirit! Open yourself
So, I can almost hear your thoughts… something like “ok, I have cleansed, and I am exercising and eating properly, so why am I still have issues with my metabolism and digestion? I even had my doctor check my thyroid so what gives????” And to this, I reply: • When was the last time you opened yourself to alternative processes to assist your body? • Are you being honest with your emotions and beliefs? • Have you placed too much emphasis on material possessions and status? These are a few things that can lead to a clogged spiritual energy field (also known to some as a Chakra - third). And when these fields are clogged, it is no different than a clogged liver. It must be flushed and cleansed to function properly. This takes time, dedication, and determination – just as it does to physically complete a cleanse program. Consider a spiritual metabolic cleanse if: 1. Acceptance and material well-being are of primary importance for you. 2. Your true emotions are all blocked, therefore, you are unable to express them. 3. You get upset easily.
4. Your irritation and agitation are an expression of all the anger you have swallowed over a long period of time. 5. You feel dejected and discouraged. 6. You see obstacles everywhere.
7. You believe these obstacles are preventing you from fulfilling your desires. 8. When faced with a difficult situation, you may feel queasy and uncertain, or you may get so nervous your actions become haphazard and disorganized. 9. You want to hide from and avoid all new challenges in life. 10. Your perception of life is not good.
11. You see unhappy endings everywhere you turn. Obtaining Spiritual Metabolism If you are struggling or experiencing things like these or similar, please consider obtaining more information on how to cleanse your energy fields. (Hint: start with diffusing Frankincense & Fennel essential oils daily during prayer or mediation) When giving proper attention to your mind, body, and spirit, achieving your personal wellness goals is less of a burden and more of a gift! We will be glad to help you give yourself the gift of a healthy Spiritual Metabolism!
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