Nurses Unite - Take Action A. Harding, RN 9.21.15
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Do You know a Nurse? If you don’t live under a rock, I am sure you have heard about the big movement to unite nurses across the world. It started when The View’s hosts made derogatory remarks about a Colorado nurse who happens to also be a beauty pageant contestant. These remarks and unpleasant mocking has rightfully upset many. In the past 7 days, Rustic For Life has been asked by many what our stance regarding this movement is …so listen up. In the years 2007-2014, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics records over 2.7 million registered voters working as nurses in the United States with 3.1 million being registered to do so. In Canada, 269,000 are registered to work in the nursing arena. So that means 7 -10 people in 1000 are nurses in these two countries alone. So, look it up yourself… see how many worldwide sacrifice their family time, their hearts, their emotions, their safety ( you get the idea) to help others. See how many go into debt every year to obtain the proper schooling to begin their nursing careers – not to mention the billions of dollars spent by teaching hospitals across the world to mentor these students into full bloom nurses. Now, ask yourself… “self, do I know a nurse? Do I love a nurse? Has a nurse touched my life in some way? “You said “ yes” to at least one of those, right? Most of us will. In fact, chances are likely that if you are stuck in traffic in any city, a nurse is a few cars over. Chances are if you go on a spring break vacation, you will meet at least one nurse. And frankly, you should make those nurses your friends. You should show them respect for their ability to learn how to help and for putting that knowledge into action. Laying your life on the line for another is a very noble action. And these actions are shown in many ways. The Question of Talent Some nurses are excellent at delivering babies, some assist in surgeries, some will know a heart arrhythmia long before a monitor tells them it’s happening. So are stitching a soldier back together in a foreign country without any light to use. Why? Because we are trained to. We do have a didactic education that tells us what to look for but here is the kicker….some educated nurses (hold the degree but have not been certified to practice) choose to not use it. They realize long before that degree is earned …. That they just don’t have the TALENT to be a nurse. Yes, I said it. TALENT. I can smell diabetes. I know when an electrolyte is at the wrong level before the blood work reports are in. I can feel an infection by touching one’s abdomen. I know when a man’s heart needs potassium without looking at a monitor. I know what teas, herbs, oils will allow the body to flourish. I know when death is close by the smell in the air. Now, is some of this simply due to the longevity of my career? Sure… but most of it is my TALENT. I have talent for knowing an ailment is present, how to remedy it, and also knowing when to get another TALENTED individual to help me. Nurses work along with a team of very TALENTED folks. Whether it is a doctor, physical therapist, respiratory therapist, nurse assistant, medic, phlebotomist…. They are ALL talented. Do they practice at skills? Yep. Just as a violinist seeks formal training and practices every day for that big recital. Just as the professional singer warms their voice after years at Julliard hoping to land that big break. These TALENTED people (and some of them even participate in beauty pageant contests) utilize their talents to their fullest potential and most are applauded and respected. As for the question of a stethoscope… The stethoscope was never just for a doctor to use (for those who didn’t know). The first stethoscope was actually used by a mother… she placed her ear to her child’s chest to determine if there might be a rattle present. That’s the truth! And a frustrated doctor did the same until he noticed that using acoustics would allow him and his staff to bring better care to their patients. Many people use this tool today - engineers, mechanics, and plumbers; just to name a few. It allows them to hear things otherwise missed. I received a simple stethoscope during my education process. My father gave me a better, more acoustically advanced stethoscope upon my receiving my degree and passing my RN board exam. He said to me “you have earned this. Go help someone”. I EARNED it…. Every day I earn it. It is by my side when I sleep and when I leave my home. I do not agree that these should come to those who have not. So, in the recap show of The View, when the nurses handed the hosts their own stethoscope – I admit I was unhappy. This is a tool to be used by those who NEED it, EARN it, and put it to GOOD use for others. I do not see a host of a daytime talk show needing this tool for their talents. Specific Questions asked of RFL…. Did Nurses get an apology? Now, again, if you are following this topic, you know there was also an apology where no “ I am sorry “ was spoken. In fact, Joy Behar says “ I just wasn’t paying attention”. Well, let’s be frank again. It is her job to pay attention to the show she is on as well as her co-hosts. After all, that is her ‘ talent’. Should nurses be unhappy about the show’s disrespect to their abilities? Yep. Should nurses come together to speak out about how these comments could hurt the public’s view of their positions? Yep. Should nurses demand respect for their service just as officers and firefighter do? Yep. Should the co-hosts of The View have recourse for their actions and words? Yep. Should nurses take action to ensure respect is given? YEP. How do Nurses Unite? Melissa Cleveland is a proud Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) of 13 years who is currently seeking her Registered Nurse (RN) . With plans to merge into the Emergency Department, she has already graced many through her services in the long-term care and hospice specialties in her home state of Arkansas. She has sacrificed many hours away from her husband and two children. So, when Melissa heard The View on September 14th she knew she had to speak up. With all the “bullying of public figures including our police officers and firefighters, I knew I needed to speak up for nurses to maintain our credibility to the public”, Melissa said. She immediately started a Facebook page and used social media to gain the attention of many. Nurses and clinicians across the globe joined her forces with over 45,000 followers within 48 hours of the show airing on the 14th. Some even asked corporate sponsors to reconsider their association with The View. The following companies are choosing to pause their sponsorship of The View. 1. Johnson & Johnson
2. Kleenex 3. Party City
4. Egglands Best
5. Cottonelle 6. Snuggle
7. Scanner Foods 8. Kimberly Clark
9. McCormick Spice
10. Zyrtec 11.Lysol
12. Nivea
14. Georgia-Pacific
15.Northern tissue
16. Bush’s Beans So, on behalf of nurses across the globe, THANK YOU, Melissa! Thank you for remembering your oath to help and advocate for your colleagues. Thank you for reminding nurses we are worth it... We are worth the time and dedication to flourish in our talents! And, thank you to all the corporations who are backing us! How can you help? You can see it wasn’t only nurses who found this topic appalling. It wasn’t a group of clinicians ‘taking it the wrong way’ as one co-host commented. This was blatant disrespect towards service professionals and there is no need for it to be accepted. Join the facebook group and speak up on behalf of nurses worldwide. Today, September 21, 2015 is National Nurses Unite Day. Do something to show your support, even if it is just a simple “ thank you” to a nurse near you. Ask others to do the same. And, boycott The View and any others who choose not to support service men and women. The View staff and co-hosts: Your turn to listen up. Here is what nurses and most others with a wonderful TALENT do NOT do. We do not use our positions to exploit others, to mock others, to degrade others. We do NOT use our positions to gain popularity or trust. We EARN the trust of others. We EARN their tools of the trade by practicing our God-given talents. We unite, stand strong, and weather the storm. We maintain dignity, poise, professionalism, and courage.
We prevail. WE ARE NURSES. -Angela, RN References:
1. Melissa Cleveland – Personal Interview
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