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This blog allows you to see how we use our natural products daily to live a happy, healthy life. We incorporate essential oils and natural products in our Rustic lifestyle and we will be sharing all types of experiences; including our travels, our discoveries, our home schooling life, and our pursuit to be ourselves – not who or what society ‘thinks’ we should be. We hope you visit again!
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Change is Constant So those of you who follow Rustic For Life on the little blue bird and the book of faces know that I shaved my head in hopes of raising even more awareness for Lyme Disease. You also know that during my last set of treatments, my hair had started thinning and coming out on its own. I was asked so many questions during that time. I was told I was not the ‘same’ without my long thick red curls. I was told that ‘no one is going to recognize you,” “ don’t do it , mom, I am scared others won’t like it” . Well, the truth is – I am NOT the same person I was 1 year ago - 3 years ago - 5 years ago… And NEITHER ARE YOU. We all change… as my Dad always said, “ change is the ONLY thing that is constant, my sweet, you just have to make the RIGHT changes as you go along.” Super advice, Dad, THANK YOU! And the comment from my daughter was the icing on the cake…. “scared no one will like you. Wow, is this what she thinks? That others like me because of my hair? Oh, mercy, I am parenting her ALL wrong! So, after many conversations about ‘loving yourself’, ‘ beauty is on the inside,’ etc. She said to me “ well, just don’t forget your hat because your head will burn in the sun! “ WOOHOOOO – she got it – she got what most adults do not. I then said a prayer – ( yes we pray!). God, if this is the change I am going with, how can it help others? How can I serve them as well? The call came…. The next day, my husband received a phone call from the local NBC channel close to the town he was working in. Seems as though an oil field worker had spoken of me and how I helped him understand the successful and safe way to remove the ticks he was finding after working outside… seems as though he was nervous and wanted more information to be out in the community about Lyme disease….seems as though he wanted to watch me help others! HOLY TOLEDO, God is FAST! Within a few hours, the hotel had agreed to let us air the ‘event’ in their lobby! Decorate with anything lime green we could find- DONE !The oil field workers wanted flyers of info – DONE! Get head clippers – DONE! Explain to my daughter that hopefully my hair will grow back! – DONE! (this happened every hour for 2 days- LOL) And my prayer the evening before the event: “ Dear lord, continue to give me strength to fight, strength to help others, strength to be the mom and wife my family deserves. Hold my hand, dear Lord. And help others get the right info so they do not suffer.” DONE! So I did it… So, I just did it. I let me husband shave my head. I cried, I laughed, I cried some more. I reapplied make-up (organic of course!) and then sat to answer some difficult questions from the reporter. Did all the questions/ answers get aired? NOPE Did my answers get edited? YEP Did they leave out that not only am I am a Lyme Warrior, that my Lyme INDUCED the Lymphoma? YEP Did they fail to mention that my career is a Registered Nurse!? YEP Did they cut out all the statistics I spoke of including over 300,000 new cases of Lyme will be reported to the CDC ( what we know of) and that most people do not EVER see a bulls eye rash? YEP Did they leave off the organizations I included sponsoring the Lyme Disease Challenge and how to do the challenge? YEP Did they air only CDC appropriate answers from the doctor they spoke to? YEP Was he a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD)? Google him and see…. Did they cut the part where I explain how to reach a Lyme Disease Advocate? YEP Did I make a difference? Hummmmm So now what…. To be honest, I would have shaved my head anyway. I had lost so much hair the 3 weeks prior that the patches were hard to cover and with my medical knowledge, shaving was the best option to rejuvenate my hair follicles along with all the detoxing, etc I had planned. But, I wanted to make a difference. I want to raise awareness. I want people to get the right information – not what the text book makers want folks to know. I wanted them to air my entire interview – my entire struggle – my plea for others to demand help from LLMD’s. But, that is not what God gave me or my family. He opened a door, I walked through it, and I didn’t see what I expected on the other side of that door. So now what? So, now, I show you the video. Now, I show you what they showed almost the whole state of North Dakota. Now JUST LISTEN…. Now, let me say that I look crazy ridiculously happy. I look like Lyme is so easy to battle, right? OMG NO!!!! It isn’t. I have battled with doctors, I have been misdiagnosed with multiple ‘money making diagnoses’. I have taken un-needed medications that took thousands of dollars we as a family did not have. My Dad… oh my Dad. He already buried one child with an incurable disease… then his cousin …. How do I tell him that I may be next? I REFUSE to tell him, my husband, my daughter that this will get the best of me. So, now you tell me. What lengths would you go to find answers? To find a cure? To find CLEAR CUT information to save your child, your spouse, your sibling, your parent? As humans, we have a tendency to dismiss what we don’t have a NEED to know. I am guilty of this as well. As a RN, I was not taught anything about Lyme disease when I attended school. ( yes, that was a while back but the disease did exist ) As an ER nurse, there was not a mandatory training about tick- borne illnesses of any kind – only what damage a mosquito can do. Interesting, huh? Well, I now am making noise about a disease that DOES exist along with many co-infections that can kill you. It is difficult to treat. It is even MORE difficult to diagnose. It is a controversial disease that those in the media are nervous to share or support. It is a disease that as a responsible person, you should get the facts about. And, by getting the facts, I mean reach out to someone who has it... allow them to tell you their story. Each one is different yet shares similarities with everyone else who has it. Each one will teach you something – even if you are a LLMD or LLRN. SO LISTEN! Then, after you have listened, you make the decision to help others or to allow them to suffer and fight alone. There are many diseases my family fights for…. Early Onset Alzheimer’s, Brain Cancer, MS, Leukemia, Lymphoma, Autism, Parkinson’s, Early Onset Arthritis, Infertility, . All these diseases have affected us in a profound way – and 6 out of 8 of them I was diagnosed with at some point before discovering my true ailment. Support, fight, spread awareness… no matter what your cause or what you believe… no matter how it gets ‘edited’ by the media. I know in my heart, the efforts will help at least ONE person. And that is ONE person that can find comfort in knowing they are not alone in this journey. The funny stuff … It has been a little over a month since I shaved my head. And tons of things are happening in this world to make us cry and pray harder. So, I thought I would share some funny things about this process. These are questions I have been asked from the first day to current about my career as a holistic RN, my Lyme battle, my family, my body…. 1. What were the meds that caused your hair to fall out? I really cannot pinpoint which med did it. I was taking several treatments from several resources and trials. Some of those I cannot discuss due to legal agreements and some were the ‘typical’ meds prescribed. 2. Why was your hair thinning away? I have Lyme induced Lymphoma ( changes the way your body makes blood cells and mimics Lymphoma.) It is a chronic Lyme condition that will not be going away anytime soon. I take many things daily to keep my body in remission. I fell out of remission and started new treatments and those seemed to thin my hair. 3. Which hospital are you going to? I have been to many – most did not treat Chronic Lyme. Some treat the symptoms only. I do not discuss my treating physicians and hospitals unless they agree I can. As a RN, I can assist in referrals but as a patient, I choose to keep my medical record details private. I can say that I have found more relief from alternative treatment rather than traditional Western Medicine . 4. Are you pro-CDC or anti-CDC? I think the CDC can and has served a decent purpose for a lot of diseases. My personal opinion is that it has failed to keep up with research regarding Lyme and many Tick Born Illnesses. 5. Are you seriously getting better ? I have good times and bad times. Right now, I feel I am at 80%. I am working hard to get back to the ‘me’ I once was. 6. Will your hair come back? The studies show that when shaving, it stimulates the follicles and allows re growth. I also use many detox protocols and essential oils on my head right now. 7. Can I touch it (my head) ? Are your hands clean?! If so, then yes, you may. 8. How do you detox? I use many products including herbs, plants, essential oils, chlorophyll, salt, etc. If you want details, I can do a consult with a signed disclaimer. I do not ‘ treat’ anyone. 9. Do you know that there is a giant tick on your arm? Yes, it’s a tattoo to get you to ask me about tick borne illnesses. It worked, didn’t it!? 10. Why do you travel and when will you be here? My husband is an environmental engineer. He works all over the country and soon internationally. We do not ‘ plan’ far in advance as we live day-to-day and go where he needs to be. When I know I will be stationary for more than a few days, I can get with you. I can also do phone /web consults. We tour the country with open heart, ready-to-learn minds, and teach and raise awareness when and where we can. 11. What herbs can you prescribe? Herbs do not get ‘ prescribed’. They are recommendations and you use them on your own free will to choose what is best for your body. You can contact a holistic / integrative MD, DO, ND, RN, herbalist, apothecary to assist you in this process. 12. MOM, Where is your hat? Ummmmm…. Did I mention that Lyme can cause brain fog and forgetfulness? Time to set my reminder for ‘ take your hat!’ 13. Are you cold? Only during CRYO Therapy!!! LOL Little bit of good… Despite some who still believe Lyme is ‘no big deal’, I have made this my life’s work as a nurse and as a God-loving woman. My husband sports a Lyme Green Mohawk for a constant eye-catching conversation starter, my daughter can tell you specific species of ticks and what part of the country they live…. This is just part of our Rustic Lifestyle. We utilize the Earth, God, and all the CONSTANT CHANGE we face to hopefully provide a little bit of good. Use the ‘change’ in your life to move you forward…. Just keep going….. Whether you face an ailment such as Lyme disease or just want to more information on living the Rustic Life, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Simply click here! 1 Month Follow-Up Video July 17, 2015 SUBSCRIBE to our BLOG!


 The Only Constant is Change......


Thanks for reading ! Bill & Angela




Getting bald spots here!

The first major cut!

Hard to tell but down my back!

Day of shaving - so thin... and coming out fast!

My brother who passed...I stood on

a  chair next to him... he was 6'5" tall! Miss him dearly!


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