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This blog allows you to see how we use our natural products daily to live a happy, healthy life. We incorporate essential oils and natural products in our Rustic lifestyle and we will be sharing all types of experiences; including our travels, our discoveries, our home schooling life, and our pursuit to be ourselves – not who or what society ‘thinks’ we should be. We hope you visit again!
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If you tune in to our blog talk show, you might have heard about how we take pride in adapting to life ( and it's surprises) as naturally as we can. If you didn't listen to the show... SHAME ON YOU! And make sure you click on the picture to the left titled 'THE RUSTIC HOUR' so you can listen to the archived shows and make plans for the future! Adapting is quite challenging for some. Especially if they have not been successful in achieving a flexible attitude. ( This is another blog altogether!) Which Definition? Let's start by defining the type of adaptation I am referring to. ad·ap·ta·tion (noun) : a change or the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment. All day, every day, our environment is changing around us. We either adapt and survive, or we don't. There is not really an in between. We can adapt poorly; however, and this will lead to other paths that we are again forced to adapt to. Or, we can adapt in a more positive way, a more natural way, and we survive. Just as a clarification, I am speaking of both physical and mental adaptations. Have you ever wondered why ants do not become extinct? Every 3 months, some people kill them with poisons and destruction. But, within in months, ( sometimes days!) they return with a stronger mound. Why? The ants have adapted to work together as a team to ensure their survival. Every ant has its job just like every cell in your body. ( physical) They also don't waste time in complaining about their situation. ( mental ) They simply get the job done and relax afterward. Open yourself So, you might be asking. " What can I do to adapt to everyday life?" Or " What will help me react like an ant?" Try these quick tips for a more positive adaptation process: • Diffuse essential oils in your home or office. You might try uplifting blends such as peppermint, bergamont, and wild orange or essential oils with calming properties such as lavender or cedarwood. Many essential oils assist in a clear thought process with rational behavior to follow. This can eliminate our knee jerk reaction that sometimes gets us in trouble. It allows for an adaptation plan to surface instead of a pink slip! • Take natural supplements that allow for clear and optimal thinking processes. A good shot of sunshine helps with this as well ( vitamin D). Utilize deep breathing techniques and meditation to assist in self reflection. Knowing your triggers to be inflexible can allow you to work on your problem areas. • No 'what if's' allowed: This includes thought such as: "What is I weren't ill?". What if it does rain?" What if I had spent more time with my spouse?', "What if I had worked less?", "What if I had said....?", " What if I .... The 'what if' game will stifle your soul. We cannot go backward in life. And most times, we cannot change the current situation. BUT, We can change how we react to it. When you are faced with a situation you do not like, try to relax and not over think the situation. This will lead to a negative response such as an increase in physical pain, depression, self pity and unneeded extra stress. Instead, reflect on how nice it will be once you have yourself through the current situation WITHOUT any extra issues. Visualize NO new pain, NO new stressors, Happy days, etc. OPEN your mind! Always Adapting I want others to know that our lives are not always popping up roses and stress free. We are constantly adapting, every minute of every day. We make a conscious effort to do everything we recommend for you to try. Living in Texas can have many challenges. With wind gusts of up to 80 miles per hour and a non-freezing winter; there are many spores and allergens in the air. Most of Texans are suffering currently. BUT, we watch the weather, plan ahead what oils ( peppermint, lemon, and lavender are best for this!) and supplements to take, change our air filters, and stay in doors if we can. We take proactive measure to decrease a negative situation. So, by adapting ahead of time, you can decrease the occurrence of negative situations that demand you adapt on the fly. This will decrease your stress, trust me!! (Remember, we are fighting chronic illnesses as well in our home.) The alternative to a unhealthy adapting lifestyle is pain, fear, sadness, loneliness, and for some, death. The ants are hard to eliminate because the adapt to all stressors. Be that 'hard to eliminate' soul... Just ADAPT! Thanks for reading ! Bill & Angela
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